Iowa FACE Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Iowa FACE Program?

-FACE publishes safety alert bulletins that emphasize safe working habits for workers. Recognizing the extreme trauma of a workplace fatality, these bulletins provide information to employers, employees and farmers to help improve the health and safety aspects of their operations.

-FACE provides detailed information on occupational fatalities to help detect causes, incidence rates and trends.

-FACE provides information to maufacturers, including suggestions for improvment.

Does Iowa FACE have enforcement or regulatory authority?

No. FACE has no compliance or enforcement functions and is not interested in finding who is at fault. FACE is fully independent from OSHA.

Is Iowa FACE information kept confidential?

Yes, all information gathered during investigations is kept confidential. The victim and interviewed persons will not be identified by name or location. Only summarized general information is published.

How can I assist the Iowa FACE Program?

As soon as you learn of an occupational fatality, call the Iowa FACE Program's toll-free telephone number: 800-513-0998. It is important to report workplace trauma as early as possible so that investigations may be carried out without delay.

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